Founded in 1986

Professional manufacturer of acetate



Acetate series products with annual total capacity of 100,000 tons are sold to all parts of the country and the United States, Britain, Ireland, Germany, Turkey and other countries with annual sales of 50 million US dollars.

Hot products: Sodium acetate trihydrate、Sodium acetate anhydrous、Zinc acetate dihydrate、


Sodium acetate trihydrate

Product name:Sodium acetate trihydrate

Cas No.:6131-90-4

Molecular formula: C2H3NaO2

Molecular weight: 136.08

Sodium acetate anhydrous

Product name:Sodium acetate anhydrous
CAS NO.:127-09-3
Molecular formula: C2H3NaO2
Molecular weight: 82.03 

Zinc acetate dihydrate

Product name:Zinc acetate dihydrate
CAS NO.:5970-45-6 
Molecular formula:C4H6O4Zn.2H2
Molecular weight:219.51

Zinc acetate anhydrous

Product name:Zinc acetate anhydrous
CAS NO.:5970-45-6 
Molecular formula:C4H6O4Zn
Molecular weight:219.51

Potassium acetate

Product name:Potassium acetate
CAS NO.:127-08-2 
Molecular formula:C2H3KO2
Molecular weight:98.14

Ammonium acetate

Product name:Ammonium acetate
CAS NO.:631-61-8 
Molecular formula:C2H7NO2 
Molecular weight:77.08

Wuxi feipeng group, a sino-foreign joint venture yixing tianpeng fine chemical Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Wuxi wenpeng fine chemical industry technology co.,ltd. Its subsidiaries include: sulilianyungang kangcheng food ingredients co., LTD., ruotian yongfei chemical co., LTD., dui anhui xinlong chemical co., LTD., dui anhui hongyang chemical co., LTD. The headquarter of the group is located in jinggao road, wuxi city (guangshi road). Located in the central part of the Yangtze river delta of China, it is an economically developed region in China. It is 120KM away from Shanghai, nanjing and hangzhou, and 10KM away from the center of wuxi city. The transportation is very convenient. There are more than 10 highway loops around the region, including huning, huhang, ninghang, beijing-shanghai, huyi and riverside...

yixing tianpeng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


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